Prayer Guide for At-Home Vigil (05/01)

If you have signed up for a thirty-minute slot for our Prayer Vigil this Friday, please consult the following list of specific matters for which we should be praying; consider also making this Friday a day of fasting as you come before the Lord with empty hands, beseeching His mercy in the name of Christ Jesus our Mediator.

  • Pray for all who have been affected by COVID-19. Pray for all of those who are currently infected with the virus that God would be glorified in bringing them healing – all healing is from the Lord! And, as many have died, be in prayer for those left behind – the families and loved ones who are grieving their loss; pray that God would comfort them during this difficult time, and that He would work through this horrible situation for their enduring good.
  • Pray for our church. Pray specifically for each member of our congregation and their families. Pray that God would not only get them through this crisis physically healthy, but that we would all grow in knowing and loving Christ our Lord! Continue to pray that God would give all of us a deeper repentance, and that He would, by His Spirit working through the Word, continue the work of sanctification that He has already begun in us, and will complete at the Day of our Lord Jesus Christ!
  • Pray for our leaders. Pray that, as the crisis continues and as we move forward, God would give wisdom to our leaders at every level of government. Pray that partisan political goals would be put aside, and that our leaders would be united in the cause of our nation’s well-being.
  • Pray for our economy. Even after the epidemic is over, the economy of our country and the global economy will likely be feeling the impact of this crisis for a while. Pray that those who are unemployed will soon be able to return to work, and that they would give thanks to God for their employment. Pray also that those who have been given much will recognize their responsibility to help those who are struggling and work to alleviate the misery of the severely impoverished.
  • Pray for our children. The effects of this virus have been difficult for children, as they have been forced out of the daily routine and social structure of their academic life. Pray that their education would not be diminished because of this, but that they would find trustworthy guides to help them in their learning. Pray for the kids of our church, that they would use the time well, growing in their knowledge of God through His Word, and not falling behind in learning their Catechism, etc.
  • Pray for the persecuted church. One result of the media coverage of the pandemic is that a lot of other worthy news is set aside. For example, much of our gaze has been drawn to Wuhan and the origins of the virus, while we largely ignore the fact – both now and before the crisis – that Communist China is one of the major persecutors of Christianity. Let us remember our brothers and sisters in chains as though bound with them. (Heb. 13:3). Pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters throughout the world as they suffer for Christ our Lord! And pray for the conversion of their persecutors!
  • Pray for those who do not know Christ. Pray that God would use His church to share the gospel of His Son even during this difficult time! Pray that our Sovereign God would work through the pain and suffering and insecurity that this virus has caused to open the eyes of many to their mortality and the reality of eternity. Pray for boldness in sharing the gospel with your lost neighbors, friends, and family!

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