Lions of Your Blood

Your brother kings and monarchs of the earth

Do all expect that you should rouse yourself,

As did the former lions of your blood.

Shakespeare, Henry V, Act I, Scene II

All my fathers dwell within me,

Waiting, waiting to be woken.

They are not dead, will never die,

But, with their waking, strength renew,

Finding that, by time unbroken,

Their words once spoke still speak afresh.

All their faithful watches keeping,

A cloud of witnesses who see,

Should never find their scions sleeping,

But walking in the ancient paths,

The Way to New Jerusalem,

And warring in the cosmic fray,

As they once did, our fathers bold.

Shall I not now contend as they

Whose journey’s end was fought through fire?

And does my Captain’s call grow hushed?

It yet resounds and sounds my soul,

Impassions me to take the field!

And as the lions of my blood –

My brothers past, my fathers still –

I will the battle gladly join!

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