Loving God with Augustine

As you think on these words from Augustine’s Confessions, prayerfully seek a deeper love for God, a love inflamed in us by the fruit-producing work of His Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:22)! Pray continually (1 Thess. 5:17) that, as you daily spend time in the Word, the Holy Spirit would give you a deeper love for the God Who Is, He Who has gloriously revealed Himself to us in Christ clothed in the gospel!

For he who loves along with you anything that he does not love for your sake, loves you the less. O Love ever burning and never extinguished, Love, my God, set me ablaze! Augustine, Confessions, 10.29.40.

Wretched and restless indeed are those spirits which are carried away by this downward flux, revealing the depths of their darkness, stripped as it is of the raiment of your light; but through that very restlessness you give abundant proof of the greatness of your rational creation, which is unsatisfied and cannot know blessedness and rest in anything less than you, and hence not even in itself. For it is you, O Lord, who will lighten our darkness; from you arise our raiment, and our darkness shall be as the noonday. Give yourself to me, O God; restore yourself to me. Behold, I love you; if that is not enough, let me love you more strongly. I cannot measure and know how much love I lack; how much more would be enough to make my life run to your embraces and not turn aside until it was hidden in the hidden depth of your countenance. This alone I know: that without you it is not well with me, not only outwardly but also within myself, and that all my wealth that is not my God, is poverty. Augustine, Confessions, 13.8.9.

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