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George Herbert “Love (3)”

George Herbert is quite possibly my favorite poet. His poetry reflects a deep love for the Lord, a mind saturated in the Scriptures, and a heart of thankfulness for our redemption through Christ’s atoning work on the cross. I have gleaned much from the reading of his works. The above is a recording of one of his poems – this particular poem concerns our unworthiness and God’s gracious love toward sinners. I hope you find it as edifying as I have!

How Far Home?

He wanders, lost in waking dreams,

The frozen ground grown concrete hard

Beneath his steady heartbeat tread.

At last he sees the place he knew –

There grew the man he has become –

But tossed upon the tides of time,

Neither it nor he are the same.

Recall the warmth of summer’s night,

Bedecked by flickered fires’ flames.

Remember now the gold-drenched dawn,

When morning’s light whispered your name

And bade you rise and play again,

Just as you did the day before.

And what is more, those faces see,

Those hearts that loved you then so well.

Is all now lost in memory?

A dull, long-dead, once-living scene?

Or does this dream bid you anew,

To look beyond what now is gone,

To that to come which cannot die,

Held fast in Him Who cannot lose?

How heavy is the joyous weight,

The glory that awaits you then!

Your home does not behind you lie,

But ahead.

The Empty Place

Amid the festive smells, and bells

From the steeple sweetly chiming;

And as the winter’s cold silence

Warms the heart with expectation

Of the swift-set sun, and feasting

Together ‘round the banquet set,

I look to see an empty place

Where once your face, bright and beaming

With happiness, delighted all,

Delighted me.

                        But now you’re gone,

And I, beloved, feel the sting

Of days and weeks, of months and years,

Without your laughter, sans your sighs,

And harmless, confiding whispers.

The children sing of Christ the King –

At once my heart is stirred to see,

That ‘round another table set

We yet together eat and drink

The bread, the wine, for Christ is mine,

And yours, and we are ever His.

Until the shadows flee the earth,

And glory fills her like the sea –

Until the empty place is filled,

I’ll eat the Supper here, you there,

And wait, in love, to be renewed.

My tears may flow for now, I know,

But, even so, not forever.