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Pastoral Letter (05/20/20)

My Dear People,

As the stay-at-home orders are now being lifted in our state and we have been given the go-ahead to re-open by the medical community and our government, we will be reopening to in-person services this Lord’s Day (5/24). That being the case, it must be understood that we are still not out of the woods when it comes to this virus, and so, as a Session, we have determined that the wisest path forward is to abide by the recommendations of both our government and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). What this means is that, though we are opening our doors for in-person services, these services are going to look very different from what we’re used to. Continue reading

Pastoral Letter (04/09/20)

To my dear people,

I have been your Pastor for over a year now, and if you were to have asked me when I was leaving Pittsburgh if I thought in a year’s time I would be telling my people to stay home instead of coming to church, the answer would be a definite “no”. And that would have been foolish of me. We never know what is going to happen in the next year, month, week, day, hour, or moment. We make our plans, but it is the Lord Whose decree will stand. So, here we are, in the midst of this unexpected epidemic; and the best thing that we can do for ourselves and for each other is to be apart for now. Continue reading

Pastoral Letter (04/01/20)

To my beloved flock, grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

100,000 to 240,000. Those are the numbers that have been given as the possible number of deaths that we might expect in our country due to the coronavirus. We know that these are not just numbers – they are precious human lives. In the next few weeks, the virus will spread exponentially; already we’re seeing that there’s hardly a community that has not been impacted in some way by this sickness. Continue reading