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Order of Service 04/19/20

As we will not be having a regular service at our church building due to the coronavirus, I implore you to remain obedient in regular worship, both as families and as individuals, not only on the Lord’s Day, but also every other day. The people of God are a people who worship; and, though we may not be able to worship together at the church building, we are still joining all the saints on earth and in heaven and a myriad of holy angels in praising our glorious God! We worship not merely because it is our duty, but because God is our delight! While we are physically separated, we are still united in Christ; so, just as we do every Lord’s Day morning, let us lift our hearts unto Almighty God!

What follows is a recommended (that is, not mandatory) order of service for you and your family to utilize as you worship together this Lord’s Day:


Call to Worship     Psalm 125
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The LORD of Hosts

Perhaps the most well-known verse in Psalm 46 comes in the tenth verse – the oft-quoted imperative to “Be still and know”. There is a refrain, however, that is repeated twice in Psalm 46 that is often overlooked, our attention instead given to the more famous v.10. That refrain is “The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.” We find it in v.7 and repeated in v.11. In this refrain, we find two monikers given to God by the psalmist: “the God of Jacob” and “the LORD of hosts”. The “God of Jacob”, of course, points to the national relationship of Israel with their covenant God. Jacob, whose name would later be changed to “Israel” (Gen. 32:28), was the father of the twelve tribes. Our particular concern in this brief article, though, is “the LORD of hosts.” What is meant by this appellation? Why was it used instead of another of the names often used for God? Continue reading

Order of Service: Resurrection Sunday 2020

Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed! Hallelujah! Though this way of conducting our worship services is not ideal, I hope that you are all still taking advantage of this resource as you worship from home. I am so thankful for each of you; I love you and miss worshiping together with you in the house of the Lord! But, whether we are together or apart, we belong to Christ, and in Him, we belong to each other! Let us now thankfully, and with hearts full of resurrection joy, worship our risen Lord with all of God’s saints around the world, with those who worship at His throne in heaven, and with all the holy angels in the glory of the Lord!

Call to Worship     Matthew 28:1-10

After this, whoever is leading worship (regularly the father or grandfather of the family) should pray for himself and his family as they join together to worship the Lord, that their attention would be captivated by the glory of God, and that they would rejoice together in the Lord. Continue reading