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God’s Bow

The ark had sat on Ararat,

When God had stopped the rains.

With happy song the wild throng

Marched down onto the plains.

The days rushed on from dawn to dawn;

No rain clouds could he see.

So, Noah prayed with thanks arrayed

To be alive and free.

The dark days flown, the sun now shone,

But on the edge of sky

A hint of gray soon hid the day

And over all did lie.

Bright lightning lashed and thunder crashed;

The earth did hold her breath.

Would now the rain begin again,

And flesh know nought but death?

But as twas sent, so thus it went,

And left a savor sweet.

Though all did hide, not one had died,

The rainstorm now complete.

Above the song of birds ere long,

A solid promise hung;

For there God’s bow did brightly glow,

No longer shot nor strung.

Moral Exemplar or Holy Substitute?

“Because our minds are so poor and frail, we rightly discuss the theories of the atonement. But we must always remember that the atonement is not a theory. It wasn’t a theory that died for us on the cross. It was a man who took our very physical nature himself in his own body.”[1] Ultimately, when discussing any theological issue, the reality that must overwhelm us is that we are contemplating truths that in their fullness are beyond us; our minds cannot grasp the depths of the Incarnation, the Trinity, etc., nor can our words completely encapsulate their reality. The God Whom we so often discuss is the living God, Whose holiness and glory and being and thoughts are beyond the reckoning of man. Continue reading

Psalm 88: Praying When Hoping is Hard

O LORD, God of my salvation, I cry out day and night before you. Let my prayer come before you; incline your ear to my cry! Psalm 88:1-2


You have caused my beloved and my friend to shun me; my companions have become darkness. Psalm 88:18


These verses bookend the cry of Heman the Ezrahite, the cry of the afflicted man. We expect, as the Psalms have trained us thus far, that at the end of this exasperated, barely-breathed lament that there will be some kind of conclusion, some denouement that gently replaces each fallen stone of this poor man’s life. But that’s not what we find. We find that he is forsaken – by his beloved, by his friends. The only companion he has left is the darkness in which he is drowning. Continue reading